Resources for Parents

While club members must be 18 years of age or older, many members have children who also like to build with LEGO bricks. Here are some ideas and resources for parents looking for ways to engage with their children’s love of LEGO.

Offer young people open ended challenges to do with their LEGO bricks. Here are some examples:

  • Build a shelter, chair, or bed for a stuffed animal or other character
  • Create a holder for a phone or tablet for hands-free viewing
  • Build how you feel about winter, friendship, school, etc.
  • Make a scene that tells something about yourself – great ice-breaking activity
  • Create a scene from a book that you like
  • Create a vehicle to travel on land, in the air, and on water
  • Make something that can be worn
  • Make a map of a place – real or imaginary 

LEGO® Life’s mission is to build the largest creative, kid-safe community in the world. A place where children get inspired, have fun, and are empowered to express themselves and their creativity.

Tufts University Center Engineering Education and Outreach – This site includes workshops for kids

FIRST LEGO League – LEGO-based STEM activities for children in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Scholastic LEGO Activities – resources for family activities as well as school and youth camp activities.

Little Bins for Little Hands – ideas and STEM projects

Kid Minds – 100 Sensational and Smart LEGO STEAM Activities for Kids