If you’ve been to one of our shows, you’ve seen that one of the components of our displays is a collaboratively-built modular LEGO town with running trains around it.  In order to ensure that all members can build modules that integrate easily with each other, the club has decided to adopt the Modular Integrated Landscaping System (MILS) standard. Here are some resources for building your own creations using this standard:

  • MILS – The initial description of the MILS standard, with particular focus on rural/landscape modules.
  • L-Gauge –’s instruction sheets for integrating rails and roads into this standard, as well as instructions for building risers to incorporate Lego’s standard modular building kits into a display.

There are also a number of other resources for building your own custom creations:

  • Peeron – A database of released sets and a repository of LEGO instruction booklets.  Want to rebuilt a set you had as a kid?  Chances are you can find the parts list and a scan of the original instructions here.