Gateway LEGO Users Group (GtwLUG) is a group of adults who enjoy building with LEGO® brand building blocks. GtwLUG serves the St. Louis and surrounding areas, both in Illinois and Missouri.

GtwLUG was founded in June of 2003 by four adult fans of LEGO® (AFOL) in anticipation of the LEGO Road Show that stopped at the St. Louis Zoo in October of that year. What started out as a small group that appeared exclusively at model train shows has grown into a group 30-to-40-members strong that exhibits at train shows, libraries, conventions, and Christmas displays.  In addition to displays and shows, we also participate in building contests, parts drafts, and a holiday dinner and white elephant gift exchange.

Members are encouraged to build in whatever scale and theme they choose, and we have builders who specialize in everything from the traditional city, space, and castle themes to the more-modern Bionicle, Harry Potter, and Star Wars lines.  Club members build their own small-scale creations as well as collaborate together in groups for massive modular displays.

The members of GtwLUG typically meet once a month to discuss upcoming events, MOCs (My Own Creations), new LEGO® products, ideas, and even non-LEGO®-related topics as well. Members typically bring MOCs or sets to display and discuss. Visitors and prospective members are always welcome to stop in.  See the schedule for details and meeting locations.

GtwLUG is one of 100+ plus officially-recognized LEGO® clubs in the US and one of the nearly 300 such clubs worldwide but is not otherwise sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO® Company.

For more information about GtwLUG, e-mail us at info @ gtwlug [dot] org.